Monday, July 20, 2009

It was the best of times and the worst of times, to paraphrase the famous line, and it was my experience this past weekend.

The bad:
I did not journal my points this weekend and overate. I don't think I gained any, according to the scale this morning, but I don't think I lost either.

The good:
I actually rode a bike for the first time in many, many years. I was rusty, nearly crashed twice, but held on and kept going for the mile and a half or so. So now I want a bike for Christmas. Especially since I know that I won't bend it in half just by getting on it.

Weigh in is tomorrow!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Plantar Fasciitis

Its called plantar fasciitis and apparently I am now suffering from it. My right heel and foot is causing me great pain in the mornings and sometimes throughout the day. My walking has come to a screeching halt for now, as it is quite painful now to even walk long distances. I will be seeing the doctor next week about it, so hopefully I can find out how to take care of this and get back to exercising.

At least the weight loss will help keep it under control.

Have a blessed evening.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good Bye To The 340's

Today was my weigh in day at my meeting. I lost 2.6 pounds for a three week total of 11.2 and am now at 339.6.

I am now just 7.8 pounds away from my 5% goal and 23.8 pounds away from my 10% goal.

I have more to blog about but I need to do some things around the house before my wife kills me so until next time, have a blessed night!


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Today was my weekly Weight Watcher's meeting, and my weekly weigh in. I'll get the weigh in over with first. I lost 3.2 pounds for this past week, for a total of 8.6 for the past two weeks.

I realize that this is very good progress, but I was a little disappointed over it, as I was hoping for a larger loss. That however, is a dangerous thought process, as this will kill your success, as any loss in weight is a success! So I will celebrate with my dinner of two cups of 5 bean chili over a sweet potato with mushrooms. It's actually not too bad.

The meeting was a good one with some really good losses among the group. The married couple was there and they both lost over 5 pounds each while on vacation! Kudos to them! Our challenge this week/month is to eat 3 different colored vegetables/fruits a day for the month. It should be an easy one for me as I tend to really pile on the veggies and fruits.

Other than that, it was a good week, and a good day. One lesson learned is that I need to start exercising more than I have been. I would like to lose another 5 for the next week. My 5% goal is in sight and that 10% goal is within reach. After that I'll talk about my ultimate goal.

Have a blessed evening.

Monday, July 06, 2009

I don't know about you but my old habits are very hard to break. But by breaking them and establishing new habits, I guarantee my weight loss.

What are some of the bad old habits?

  • Overeating.
    • There are times when I would continue to eat, even if I were full and stuffed.
  • Unhealthy snacking.
    • Chips provided at work, ice cream at home, dessert at my in-laws...if it was there, I would have it.
  • Grazing.
    • When I grazed I grazed!  I would go to the pantry just because the food was there and I knew it, and I would pick up something to eat from there.  Same thing with the refridgerator.  Everytime I went for water, I would open up the door and grab a handful of something and eat it.  All of that added up!
  • Lack of exercise.
    • Do I really have to say anything about this?
So, by joining Weight Watchers, I decided that even if I diet, unless I change my bad habits into good habits, I would fail.  (Actually my wife was the one who drilled this into my head.  Thank you love!)  Here is what I am doing now to replace the bad with the good.

  • Overeating has been replaced with pushing away.
    • Now when I feel full, I stop for a few minutes and actually see if I am full.  If I am I get up, move away from the full, put my plate up and stop eating.  I am also drinking a full glass of water when I start feeling full, to help it along.  
    • Another thing I am doing on this habit is to use the correct portions.  Again, I must thank my wife in helping me do this.
    • My next step is to use smaller plates and trick myself into thinking the portions are larger than they really are.
  • Unhealthy snacking has been replaced with healthy snacking.
    • Who knew that carrots and peanut butter, or any vegetable with hummus would be satisfying and tasty at the same time?  Now don't get me wrong, there are times when I do miss the sweets, but I can remedy that with healthy sweets.  
    • I haven't had a bag of chips in 3 weeks now.  Please note that I said a bag of chips.  I have had chips, but I am actually measuring and counting them now for correct portions.
    • Also, I don't have a snack until I actually feel hungry between meals.
  • Grazing has been replaced by healthy snacking and just saying no to myself.
    • When you keep yourself full or partially full by eating right and having healthy filling snacks, there is no need to graze.  This has been the hardest habit to break, and there are times when I have fallen off the wagon, but I am sticking to not grazing.  Sometimes you just have to tell yourself, Hell No!
  • Lack of exercise has been replaced with exercising.
    • This doesn' t mean that I am exercising everyday, but I am exercising more.  I am working my way up to walking everyday, and will begin to incorporate weight training very soon.
So that is it for now.  Bad habits vs. Good Habits.  To lose weight you know which one to choose.

So choose.

Have a blessed day!

    Sunday, July 05, 2009

    Activity Points

    I wanted to have a quick blurb about activity points. Check on everything you do, because almost anything can be counted. I cleaned the garage today, which took me almost 3 hours to do. Now, according to WW online, cleaning the garage is considered a light activity. That's fine with me, as that was the case today. A sweat soaked activity, but a light one nonetheless. However, WW awards you 1 Activity Point for every 10 minutes of doing this activity! So let's see, that's 180 minutes, divide that by 10 and I have 18 activity points.

    So the next time you decide to clean, or garden or whatever, check to see if WW considers it an activity of some sort. You just might be pleasantly surprised at the results. I know that I was.

    Have a blessed night.


    Thursday, July 02, 2009

    What Do You Listen To?

    I believe that almost everyone listens to music, or something when they work out. So I decided to post my playlist here as a picture. (Too lazy to type it all out) Tell me what you think and what you listen to.

    Have a blessed day!


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